Rotary piston lobe type pumps

pompa_3D pompa_retro-3DThe pumps manufactured by PMPO have internal gears with lobe-type gear-teeth. This type of pump has more advantages over other types of pumps that use different principles; they are quieter, the flow is more consistent and manageable, and they are less bulky. PMPO produces this technology with an industrialized process that guarantees the technical data, the duration and the inexpensiveness of the product. The technical office is also designated to come up with customizations in order to adapt the product to particular applications, which are integrated later on in the production. The majority of the parts are made with synthesized materials. Thanks to material selection, process inspections, final verifications and the concept of self-lubrication, pumps have a long life and their warranty can be extended up to 3 years. The pumps are checked and 100% certified  in compliance with the client’s specifications. All the models are reversible, which means that by inverting the rotation direction , the intake inlet becomes the outlet and vice versa. The pump shaft is coaxial to the pump itself, so to make it easy to apply and less bulky. The main application of the pumps is by submersion in the tank; operations outside the tank are also possible and, in this case, the pump is locked inside jackets with coupling flanges and interface for the inlet and outlet (like, for instance, in the continuous control units, included in the catalogue).



A wide range of models is available. Here are some possible applications:

  • power unit supply (control units, actuators)
  • lubrication
  • fluid transport
  • aspiration(for instance, continuous emptying of chambers containing oil drops)
  • oil–pressure motor


Technical features:

PMPO offers 2 types of pump:

  1. pressure pumps
    • displacement from 0.3 to 2 cc
    • pressure until 120 bar
    • standard rotation speed until 3000 rpm
    • small size (external diameter  = 6 cm)
  2. flow-rate pumps
    • displacement from 2.7 to 8 cc
    • pressure until 20 bar
    • standard rotation speed until 7000 rpm
    • small size (external diameter = 6 cm)


Lobe-type pumps are used with the following fluids:

  • hydraulic oils
  • lubrication oils
  • gasoline
  • diesel fuel
  • polyol and isocynate (for the production of polyurethane)


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